This condensed six-day trek is crafted for the physically fit and mentally prepared, eliminating the need for acclimatization and focusing on the trek's most mesmerizing highlights.
  • DestinationNepal
  • Durations6 days
  • Trip DifficultyModerate
  • Group Size15+

Annapurna Circuit Short Trek Highlights

  • A cultural immersion into the Himalayan villages, unveiling the rich tapestry of life amidst the mountains.
  • An exhilarating climb to Thorong La pass at 5,416 meters, presenting a challenge rewarded with unparalleled vistas.
  • Panoramic views of towering peaks including Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Machapuchare, and the Annapurna massif, painting a picture of nature's grandeur.
  • An efficient itinerary, completing what is traditionally a longer trek in just six days, perfect for those with time constraints.


Annapurna Circuit Trek: A Journey Through Nepal's Majestic Himalayas

Discover the Enchantment of the Annapurna Region

Embark on a journey to the heart of the Himalayas with the Annapurna Circuit Trek, a path that leads you through some of Nepal's most breathtaking landscapes. The Annapurna mountains, named after the Hindu goddess of nourishment, Annapurna, present a world where spirituality and the grandeur of nature intertwine seamlessly. This adventure offers more than just a trek; it's an exploration of ancient monasteries, sacred temples, and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Traverse the deep Kali Gandaki Gorge, gaze upon the towering peaks of Dhaulagiri and Machapuchare, and ascend the Thorong La pass, experiencing the rich tapestry of cultures that have flourished in these mountains for centuries. With Alpine Ramble Treks, set off on a meticulously planned itinerary designed to showcase the Himalayas' unparalleled beauty and cultural depth, ensuring an experience that captivates your spirit and ignites your wanderlust.

Experience the Annapurna Circuit Like Never Before

While the classic Annapurna Circuit Trek might take adventurers weeks to complete, we understand that the constraints of modern life don't always allow for extended escapes. That's why Alpine Ramble Treks has tailored a concise, yet profoundly enriching version of this iconic trek, perfect for those with limited time but an unbounded thirst for adventure. This condensed six-day trek is crafted for the physically fit and mentally prepared, eliminating the need for acclimatization and focusing on the trek's most mesmerizing highlights. Journey through the picturesque villages of Manang and Thorong Phedi, marvel at panoramic views from elevations exceeding 5,400 meters, and enjoy a scenic flight from Jomsom to Pokhara, offering a unique perspective of the Himalayan expanse. This short and accessible Annapurna trek invites you to immerse in the majesty of the mountains, uncovering the essence of Nepal's renowned trekking destinations in a timeframe that suits your schedule.

Unveiling the Annapurna Circuit Trek Experience

Set out on an exhilarating journey from Kathmandu to the quaint town of Chame, marking the commencement of your exploration within the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal's largest protected reserve. This trek promises an unforgettable adventure, offering around five to six hours of daily hiking across diverse terrains, from the lush lowlands to the stark beauty of alpine heights. Traverse through valleys carved by glacial rivers, ascend stark ridgelines adorned with breathtaking mountain vistas, and navigate narrow passes flanked by fluttering prayer flags. With Alpine Ramble Treks at the helm, all logistical aspects are meticulously managed, ensuring you're free to immerse fully in the adventure that awaits.

Ideal Seasons for Trekking the Annapurna Circuit

The trekking calendar in Nepal is largely shaped by the summer monsoon, making the spring months of February to May and the autumn period of September to November the most favorable times for the Annapurna Circuit Trek. These windows offer the perfect blend of pleasant weather and unobstructed views of the Himalayan panorama. Yet, the Annapurna Circuit's allure isn't confined to these seasons alone; the winter's snow-covered trails and the summer's foggy landscapes present their own unique charms. No matter when you decide to venture, Alpine Ramble Treks is dedicated to crafting an unparalleled trekking experience that exceeds your expectations, regardless of the season.

Navigating the Challenges of the Annapurna Circuit Trek

Regarded as one of the most beloved treks in the Himalayas, the six-day Annapurna Circuit Trek welcomes adventurers of good health and moderate fitness levels, with no prerequisite of prior trekking experience. Although the journey reaches altitudes exceeding 4,000 meters and includes the high Thorong La pass at over 5,000 meters, proper hydration and rest are key to successfully acclimatizing to the elevation. Your guide from Alpine Ramble Treks will be with you every step of the way, ensuring a trek that is not only safe but deeply fulfilling, as you delve deep into the heart of the majestic Annapurnas.

An Express Journey to the Annapurna Sanctuary

Embark on a 6-day Annapurna Circuit Trek, a condensed journey that delivers the quintessence of the Himalayas, from the lush valleys along the Marshyandi River to the arid landscapes of Thorung La Pass (5,416m) and down to the sacred grounds of Muktinath. This trek is a microcosm of the diverse ecosystems and cultures nestled within the Annapurna region. From Hindu villages to Tibetan communities and ancient religious sites, trekkers traverse climates ranging from tropical to arctic. The trek culminates with a scenic flight from Jomsom to Pokhara, making it an ideal choice for adventurers with limited time but an insatiable thirst for exploration.

Detail Itinerary

Cost Details

Cost Includes

  • A Sundar Nepal Trekking T-Shirt and Route Map for keepsakes.
  • The guidance of an experienced, English-speaking trekking guide licensed by the government.
  • Cozy accommodation in Tea houses/Lodges and three full board meals daily during the trek.
  • Enjoyment of seasonal fruits and the convenience of all required permits (ACAP and TIMS).
  • A certificate of achievement, trekking gear upon request, and medical kits for safety.
  • Monitoring of oxygen and pulse with an Oxi-Meter, ensuring your well-being.
  • Scenic flight from Jomsom to Pokhara and deluxe bus return to Kathmandu, concluding your trek with ease.
  • Coverage of all government taxes and service charges, ensuring no hidden costs.

Cost Excludes

While we strive to provide a comprehensive package, certain aspects like the Nepal Visa Fees, optional porter service, unexpected accommodations, personal expenses, travel insurance, and tips for your guide are not included, allowing for personal preference and flexibility.

Good to Know


The Annapurna Circuit Trek: A Journey of Discovery and Achievement

This condensed Annapurna Circuit itinerary, crafted for those seeking adventure within a limited timeframe, offers a comprehensive experience of high mountain passes, sacred sites, and the rich cultural tapestry of the Annapurna region. From the breathtaking ascents to the serene flights back, each day is filled with moments of wonder, challenge, and fulfillment, making this trek a must-do for every mountain enthusiast.

Essential Gear for the Short Annapurna Circuit Trek

Proper preparation is key to enjoying the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Key items include a durable duffel bag for gear, a sleeping bag suitable for high altitudes, and a daypack. Clothing should consist of synthetic t-shirts, wind shirts, Merino wool long sleeves, and an insulated jacket for the cold. Don't forget fleece and insulated gloves, a buff for dust protection, sunglasses, hats for sun and cold, and rain gear. For the lower body, sturdy trekking shoes, slippers, hiking pants, and waterproof gear are essential. Miscellaneous items like water treatment supplies, a fast-drying towel, body wipes, toilet paper, lip balm, sunscreen, earplugs, a mobile phone, diary, camera, medical kit, headlamp, hand sanitizer, trekking sticks, sandals, a pocket knife, and a pee bottle will ensure you're well-equipped for the journey.